Friday, June 20, 2014

Soft skill Blogging

So far I concentrated on technical articles in my blog at SPA Programmer. Most of these technical blogs are my learning while doing my work. In addition to the development I am also a technical manager/head. As a manager or head I need to perform certain tasks which does not include technical skills. As you all know these skills are known as soft skills.

Many of us already or eventually perform this dual role called technocrat. As a technocrat these soft skills is equally, if not more important than the technical skills. I spent good amount of time learning these soft skills and is currently in the continuous learning cycle along with technical skills.

Out of these soft skills my primary interest is leadership. I have read several books and articles on leadership. I frequently listen to the podcasts on leadership. Based on several leadership tests and my team's feedback I consider myself as a good leader.

In addition, I am also a PMP certified project manager. In order to keep my certification up to date and also with my interest, I regularly spend time learning and sharpening my project management skills.

There was lot of learning for me in these additional skills, I will blog my learnings so far and also blog my continuous learning in these areas. I will blog these along with some time management techniques.

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