Monday, June 30, 2014

Participative Leadership Style

In this blog I will specify my leadership style, discuss how I do it, its merits and disadvantages. My leadership style is participative leadership. I always include my team members to come up with solutions. I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these solutions. Based on the discussion I will take the decision. The final decision always lie with me.

With the participative decision team members feel ownership and will be more motivated to work as it is their decision. Moreover they deliver it with my minimal supervision. With this style I will be easily approachable to the team and they can walk in anytime with questions or issues.

One of the disadvantages with this participative leadership style is time consuming. In most of the situations I know the solution for a problem which we are discussing, but instead of telling them what to do, I ask them their options, put leading questions and finally tell them what do to. This is somewhat similar to coaching, but not exactly same.

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