Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Converting SQL Server Express 2008 mdf to LocalDB

As a part of my Web Form modernization, I have to upgrade my SQL Server Express 2008 mdf file. Earlier I was using SQL Express 2008 in my project. The conversion is just 3 step simple process using Visual Studio.
Here are the three step conversion process for converting SQL Server Express 2008 mdf file to LocalDB

1. Open Visual Studio Server Explorer and click “Add Connection”

2. In the “Add Connection”, select the mdf file you want to convert. Click on the Advanced button and ensure that the Data Source is LocalDB.

3. Click Yes to upgrade the database file

Voila the SQL Server Express 2008 mdf file is modernized. You can verify the properties to confirm this. 

This conversion is very simple, but unfortunately this was not properly publicized. As a result there were several news groups’ questions regarding this.

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