Friday, December 20, 2013

WebForms to SPA Modernization

With Single Page Application getting much attention now-a-days and is being treated as the next generation of web development. I wanted to get into that wagon. As of now there are two stable competitors providing SPA framework. They are Durandal and Angular. Both of them are popular and provide the necessary framework to build a SPA application.

I first tried to decide between Durandal and Angular for my development. In my analysis I felt that Durandal is a good fit for my situation. One of the primary reasons is that Durandal is a good fit for .NET development. Check my blog on this.

As my objective is not just to modernize this one WebForm app, but to actually onboard the SPA development. I cannot do this with just Durandal. I hence need to develop apps in both Durandal and Angular. As a startup I will use Durandal. Later I will get into Angular. I will blog on my learnings while modernizing my ancient web form application and also learning SPA.

Here are the blogs related to Web Form Modernization: (I will update this section continuously)


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