Monday, September 11, 2017

Ethereum Solidity Compiler

Ethereum contracts are written in the high level language called Solidity and compiled into bytecode using the Solidity compiler. This bytecode is then uploaded on to the blockchain.

As mentioned in the previous blog, Visual Studio Code and several editors provide integrated environment to compile the code. If you want to manually run the compiler then here are the steps for compiling a smart contract.

Download the compiler from the GitHub release site
Based on your platform download the corresponding bits

Open the command line and run the below command to compile our 0xService or any smart contract
%path%\solc.exe --bin --abi --overwrite -o bin Service.sol

As you see in the above we are passing bin and abi arguments to specify to the compiler to create the bin and abi file. The generated files are created in the bin folder as mentioned by the other bin attribute. The overwrite flag is used to overwrite the previously generated abi and bytecodes.

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