Thursday, March 30, 2017

Inject $rootScope into Angular 2

If you have AngularJS and Angular running side by side in the same application by using Upgrade module, then you may need access $rootScope in Angular 2 part of the application.

The upgrade module already defined a provider for $rootScope, hence you directly inject $rootScope as below

@Inject("$rootScope") private $rootScope: ng.IRootScopeService

Here is the constructor DI code:

constructor(@Inject("$rootScope") private $rootScope: ng.IRootScopeService, @Inject("$state") private $state: ng.ui.IStateService) {
        // UI-Router change events


To inject $state and other AngularJS services please refer to my other blog


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  2. How do you inject $rootScope into a unit test for a component that uses it?

    > No provider for $rootScope!