Thursday, January 5, 2017

Upgrading Angular 1 to Angular 2

I have an open source medium size application (about 100 pages) which is written in Angular 1.x. I used javascript for developing this application. In addition I am using UI Router, UI Grid and Material for developing pages in this application. Now I am upgrading this application to Angular 2. This blog is my experience in upgrading this application to Angular 2.
From the beginning of this application, I was following most of the patterns recommended in the style guide (when I started this application, there is no recommended style guide). As per Angular upgrade docs if we follow the recommended style guide then it should easy to upgrade. I hope my upgrade will be easy.
Here are the 7 steps I followed for this migration.
  1. Preparation
  2. Switching JavaScript to TypeScript
  3. Bootstrapping with UpgradeModule
  4. Wrap Angular 1 Modules
  5. Upgrading Components and Services
  6. Routing Configuration
  7. Goodbye Angular 1

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