Monday, April 20, 2015

AngularJS renamed to Angular

I believe AngularJS team officially renamed themselves as Angular. They dropped the JS from its name. It seems that they are differentiating between 1.x and 2.0 with the name suffix. That is AngularJS means 1.x and Angular means 2.0.

Earlier JS suffix is used to differentiate between Angular javascript framework and physics angular. As AngularJS became so popular that searching for Angular on bing or google is mostly returning AngularJS hits. Hence there is no need for AngularJS to suffix itself with JS. May be now the Angular Physics should suffix itself J


  1. Hi, actually I'am new to angularJs and infact I'am learning angularjs with online training. I'am having doubt, if you could solve the doubt for me that would be very helpful. The doubt is, how can I reset a “$timeout”, and disable a “$watch()”?
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    1. Raghu

      Please see my two blogs regarding your questions

      AngularJS Cancel $timeout

      Deregister an AngularJS $watch Expression