Thursday, November 28, 2013

ASP.NET SPA Recommendation

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If you are an ASP.NET MVC developer and considering SPA into your application, I recommend using Durandal. Unlike other SPA frameworks Durandal is built on top of several popular frameworks such as Knockout, JQuery and hence the learning curve can be less and can be adopted quickly.

Durandal heavily depends on KnockoutJS for databinding. KnockoutJS is backed by Microsoft. Hence it seems to be an easy choice. Please note that I am not recommending to go with Durandal as you are a Microsoft developer, but this should be one of your criteria.

Microsoft has a very good tooling support for Knockout and also Durandal. This tooling will help you to quickly adopt Durandal. (Recently VS 2013 started tooling for AngularJS). In addition Microsoft’s new TypeScript can make the Durandal development easy.

I have spent lot of time comparing other SPA technologies such as Angular, Backbone. After that I felt that Durandal is a good fit for my requirement. During my analysis it came again and again that Durandal is recommend for ASP.NET developers.

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