Sunday, October 6, 2013

Building Single Page Application

Finally I decided to work on the Single Page Application. I have been postponing the learning and development applications in using SPA.

Now I got a website I need to develop to advertise the open source project (Juime), which I am working. I decided to develop this website using SPA and related technologies. Here are the technologies I am decided to use for this website

Development Environment
   ·         VS 2013 Preview
   ·         SPA using HotTowel template

Client Side Technologies
   ·         JQuery
   ·         Technologies that are used by HotTowel template
                o   BreezeJS
                o   DurandalJS
                o   Knockout
                o   require.js
                o   Bootstrap
   ·         TypeScript
   ·         HTML 5 & CSS 3
   ·         JQuery Validate

Server side technologies
   ·         .NET 4.5.1
   ·         ASP.NET MVC 5
   ·         ASP.NET Web API
   ·         Node.js

Supporting Technologies
   ·         Automapper
   ·         Autofac
   ·         Json.NET
   ·         Elmah, Glimpse & MiniProfiler

Database technologies
   ·         SQL Server 2013
   ·         Entity Framework 6

Unit Testing
   ·         xUnit
   ·         Jasmine               

The above technologies surely looks long. The beauty of web technologies is that they make all these technologies play well together.

On the server side I will initially use MVC on the server side and later replace it by Node.js.

I will blog everything I learned in the process of learning and developing my website using all the above mentioned technologies. But while blogging my main focus is in the SPA and its related technologies.

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