Friday, July 4, 2014

Buy Time with Money

We all know that time is money and time spent or wasted is lost. There are numerous blogs and trainings on how to efficiently manage your time (I will cover some of these techniques in my blogs later). But time management is one aspect of finding time. Another aspect is identifying places where you misuse the time and put it to better use. In this blog I cover this aspect.

Most of us get a fixed pay check and we carefully plan and spend that amount. We take extra precaution to ensure that our hard earned money is properly utilized. Some of use even ensure that we save enough for our future needs thereby sacrificing the current needs. One thing we are missing in this process is the amount of time we spend doing this planning and execution of our money management. As you see we are spending time to manage our money. As time is money, what are we doing in this process?

We are spending money to manage our money. We may be saving our hard earned money, but at the same time we are spending our future potential money. This money is manifolds greater than what we can imagine.

I am not suggesting not to manage or plan for your hard earned money, but strike a balance where you don’t spend lot of time. For example you can delegate many of your daily tasks to others, like your children, spouse etc. If you have to run for an errand, see whether your spouse, children or someone else can do it for you. Also if you spending time for lawn mowing, household maintenance try get the job done by paying others do that for you. Compare the money you lose if are doing a particular petty task.

The money you spend on doing petty tasks will get you additional time. As you see you can indeed buy time with money. With this additional time you can plan and achieve big. Think that money you spent for buying time is an investment. I am sure that you will get manifolds return.

Happy buying time J

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