Monday, July 28, 2014

Be selfish, Spend time with your children

We all faced that when we working our kids come and ask us rather silly or stupid questions and thereby breaking our flow. In order to avoid this we may either shut ourselves or reprimand our children for disturbing. There is a big ramification on either of these approaches.

We all know that we are very busy with our work & life. Sometimes it seems that 24 hours is not enough. Let’s us empathize our children, contrary to us, they have lot of free time and want to share some with us, their parents. If we don’t give our children time and attention they deserve. They slowly distance themselves from us and find others who spend time with them.

As the time passes we become old and our children starts having family and their own life. As we grew older our responsibilities decreases and we will have plenty of time on hand, whereas our children become busy in their life. This is exactly opposite to what happened when our children are young. Now we have time and our children are busy.

Will our children give us time and share with us. The answer is plain NO. Due to our hectic schedule we didn’t spend time with our children, so our children due to their hectic schedule will not spend time with us unless we spend time with them when they are young.

If you want your children to give time for you when you are old, give them some time now. Spend quality time with them when they are young. This improves bonding and they will spend quality time with you when you are old.

So be selfish and spend time with your children.

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