Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why I need TypeScript

If you are a .NET developer, not a JavaScript expert and want to develop large scale applications using the modern web technologies as mentioned in my blog, then you need TypeScript. TypeScript is for people who has little to moderate knowledge in JavaScript and don’t want to learn JavaScript.

As you know in the recent years JavaScript exploded and rapidly growing year after year. With its unprecedented growth, JavaScript is now expanding beyond browser to web servers, cloud, devices and Windows 8.  Unless you keep up with this growth you will be left out. TypeScript helps you to embrace JavaScript by simplifying your large scale JavaScript development and reduces the hardships in building such a large scale application.

TypeScript simplifies your development using the language syntax you are comfortable with. It is a superset of JavaScript and brings all the JavaScript goodness without the complexity of JavaScript. It generates clean and high quality JavaScript that runs in all browsers. Hence you don’t need to test your code in all browsers, thereby significantly reducing your QA time. Further it helps bringing structure into your JavaScript development.

Below are other reasons why you need TypeScript for your development:
  • TypeScript is JavaScript hence interoperability between TypeScript and JavaScript is simple and all your existing JavaScript is automatically TypeScript thereby allows you to continue use your existing JavaScript libraries
  • TypeScript integrates with your favorite Visual Studio and provides great tooling for your JavaScript development by adding statement completion, static typing, error checking  and debugging, thus allowing average developer to avoid the pitfalls while developing JavaScript
  • TypeScript provides the same great intellisense and compile time checking for most of your favorite JavaScript libraries such as JQuery. This is done with the help of its declare files. Using these declare files you can enable tooling for your own custom JavaScripts without modifying them.
  • The generated JavaScript runs on every browser and operating system making your development cross browser and platform compatible.
  • It enhances JavaScript by adding types, inference, structural constructs and modules. Thus making it look like modular and object oriented programming
  • It transcompiles to JavaScript code and aligns with the emerging ECMAScript6 standard.

With all the TypeScript goodness and Visual Studio tools, TypeScript dramatically increases developer productivity, reduces QA effort and provides overall web development productivity unlike any other  Javascript productivity tools. I am sure TypeScript will become a language of choice for every .NET developer.

Great TypeScript looks and sounds amazing. I am convinced that TypeScript is for me. How I can I get started?
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