Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Technologies for Modern ASP.NET MVC Development

As the web technologies made a radical shift towards presenting better user experience, in this blog I try to list out all the technologies that needs to include while building a medium to large application using Microsoft.NET technologies.

Development Environment
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • HotTowel template for developing application using SPA
Browser Technologies
  • JQuery
  • JQuery UI
  • TypeScript
  • Technologies that are used by HotTowel template
    • BreezeJS
    • DurandalJS
    • Knockout
    • require.js
    • Bootstrap
  • HTML 5 & CSS 3
  • JQuery Validate
Server side technologies
  • .NET 4.5.1
  • Juime (a wrapper to JQuery UI)
Supporting Technologies
  • Automapper
  • Autofac
  • Json.NET
  • Elmah, Glimpse & MiniProfiler
  • Scale Out State Server for caching
Database technologies
  • SQL Server 2013 or RavenDB
  • Entity Framework
Unit Testing & Continuous integration
  • xUnit
  • Jasmine               
Source Control & Collaboration
  • Team Foundation Server

The above surely looks long. The beauty of web technologies is that they make all these technologies play well together.

On the server side we can try node.js as it has better performance over MVC. But I still prefer MVC as it is my core strength.
Please suggest additions, changes or subtractions from the above list.

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