Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Azure Web App Custom Domain

To map a custom domain for web app, the App Service Plan should be Shared or above. You cannot define a custom domain for a free web app.

I am going to create a subdomain for my practice web app, I am using for the AZ-304 Azure certification. I will be creating a subdomain called az-304 in my Nootus domain. The domain address of this web service will be Here are the steps to create a custom domain for your web app hosted on Azure.

  1. Navigate to the Custom Domain section of your Web App in Azure portal
  2. 2.       Note the IP Address and Custom Domain Verification ID mentioned in the Custom Domains section of the Azure portal

    3.       Then, go to your domain provider. In my case GoDaddy is the domain provider for my domain,

    4.       Go to the DNS Management of the domain

    5.       I am creating a custom domain, az-304, hence this will be my configuration at GoDaddy using the settings from Azure portal

    6.       Now let’s go back to the Azure Portal

    7.       Click on Add custom domain

    8.       Provide the subdomain created at GoDaddy

    9.       Select A record option and click Add Custom Domain

    10.   You will see the custom domain added to the list of assigned custom domains

    11.   Optionally you can add a SSL binding. In my scenario, I don’t need ssl binding, hence skipping this step

    12.   The custom domain, is now available to browse

With these steps I was able to create a custom domain for my App Service Web App in Azure.

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