Sunday, September 28, 2014

Top 5 Daily Habits

Our habits run our life. We all have hundreds of habits or routines which we perform daily without thinking. These habits include brushing teeth, checking emails etc. We can do wonders if we consciously add some habits to our daily list. In this blog I will mention the top 5 daily routing which I made a habit out of it. These routines helped me a lot to reach my goals.
  1. Daily Health management – Health is wealth. Without proper health we cannot achieve everything we want. If we want to reach our goals or do bigger we need better health. Health should be our first priority. We need to keep or develop good health habits such as exercising daily, eating healthy foods and avoiding junk food. We all know about this but somehow gets skipped out of our routines. Why not make this a habit so that we will always follow this important habit.
  2. Daily goal Setting – We all know how important goals are. These goals lead our life in the direction we want. All most all of us set goals at some point. But the problem is we tend to forget our goals. We need to continuously review it and adjust these goals. Lot of people review their goals yearly, quarterly or monthly. The more we remember about our goals the more close we are achieving them. Our subconscious do wonders if we constantly remember our goals. Our subconscious knowing our goals will make decisions (without our intent) which will put us in right direction. What is the best way to remember our goals? Review them daily. Every morning take a paper or computer and write down your top 10 goals. This hardly takes 5 minutes. Doing in the morning help you think and plan your day on how to achieve your goals
  3. Daily Learning – The world is constantly changing and it is going at a rapid pace. It is very hard to keep up with it. Imagine how we can keep this rapid pace without knowing what’s happening in the field we belong  or what’s happening around us. So we must make learning as a part of our daily routine. Every day we need to strive to learn something new. Plan for a routine where you will learn every day. For example while driving to work listen to the podcasts or audio books. Or spend some time every morning reading stuff in your area of expertise.
  4. Daily Time management – Without proper time management we cannot accomplish all the tasks or goals we want. As you know there is a saying that “Only busy man can find the time”. As the busy man plans and executes his work properly, he can always find time for important tasks. So we all should strive to plan our work every day and execute them as planned. I use the Muhurtam time management technique for my daily planning. I split my tasks on an hourly basis and follow this technique. Sometimes I just follow this technique to get focus and work for a stretch of time uninterrupted. Further doing the time management keeps us motivated as it gives us the satisfaction of doing more in a day.
  5. Daily Reflection – At the end of the day we need to reflect on how we completed our day and what we accomplished today. The best way is to maintain a journal and write down what I accomplished today towards my goals. This helps us to see where we spent most of our day and accordingly plan it for next day. Sometimes it is better to do the daily time management routine after the daily reflection routine.
Above are some of the daily routines or habits that help us to keep ourselves focused and go a track we laid out. These daily habits along with our good habits make us to reach or go beyond our goals.

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