Saturday, June 28, 2014

Amazing Leonardo da Vinci

Last couple of days I was listening to the Leonardo da Vinci seven principles. In that author Michael J. Gelb said that Leonardo did too many things in his life and most of them are incomplete. It is amazing that a person can do so many things.

As a painter he did amazing painting. Mona Lisa is one of his best painting. The last supper painting still perplexes so many. As per Gelb, Leonardo did 19 pictures and all of them were great pictures. He is the first painter to use oil paint. He did many inventions in painting.

Actually painting is a hobby for Leonardo. He is actually an inventor.  He invented many items. I could not recollect them. He is also a scientist.

As a scientist he did many theories, but never tried to prove them. Some of his theories were later proved. He did an airplane model theory. Later another scientist took his model theory and made the plane that was working.

Both as an inventor and scientist lot of his work is incomplete. In addition he never organized his work. He also did learning in anatomy and religion. He learned different languages.

It is amazing that one person can do so many things in his lifetime. Some may call him a failure as he never focused on one thing.

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