Friday, February 21, 2014

Team Foundation Server and Git Mirroring

I typically use TFS for all my development. I also work on some open source projects. I want to host those open source projects on GitHub for public access. At the same time I want to keep all my projects on a single place, which is my TFS. So I want keep TFS as my master source and push my changes to GitHub for public access. In other words I want to mirror my TFS projects on GitHub.

It turned out that the mirroring TFS and Git seems to be simple. First we need to setup TFS using local git repository. Check the below MSDN link for more details:

Once you have local GIT & TFS configured. You do the development and push the code to TFS as you do always. Whenever you want to push the code to GitHub go the command prompt and navigate to the .git folder that is under the repository directory. Run the below command line to mirror your TFS code to GitHub

(replace username, passwod and repo with your values)

With above command all the changes done in TFS will be mirrored. With this command line you can decided when to sync your TFS changes to Git. If you want to do this automatically you can use one of the Git hooks.

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