Thursday, January 9, 2014


With the advent of ASP.NET MVC, the web development paradigm changed. We are now doing more client side coding than ever. Luckily JQuery is helping us to simplify the client side coding. But still there is a big learning curve. This learning in tandem with MVC learning is a humungous task.

Our open source product, JQuery UI MVC Extensions (aka Juime) eliminates or reduces your JQuery coding without sacrificing the rich web development, so that you can focus more on your strengths, MVC development.  

Our goal is to provide simple yet efficient developer experience while creating complex UI elements. That is the reason we based our Juime on top the most populat JQuery UI components. In this blog I will show you how to easily create a tab in your view using the razor syntax you already know.
      .Panels(panels => {
                  panels.Add(panel => {
                               panel.Header = "First Tab";
                               panel.Action('Action', 'Controller');
                  panels.Add(panel => {
                               panel.Header = "Second Tab";
                               panel.Ajax('AjaxAction', 'AjaxController');

The above code demonstrates simple usuage of a tab control. Juime provides full control to the developer by providing several complex options and even client side javascript methods and events.

As you see our syntax is simpler and easy to use than most of the commercially available products. For more information go to our GitHub page

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