Sunday, July 23, 2017

Smart Contracts (Solidity) coding using Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is the open source editor with powerful developer tooling. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac. Visual Studio Code is also a great editor for developing of smart contracts with Solidity. VS Code provides syntax highlighting, compilation of current contract and all contracts.

If you haven’t downloaded Visual Studio Code, download and install code from the below link.

For developing Solidity using Visual Studio Code you first need to install the Solidity Extension. For that open Visual Studio Code and using menu click View -> Extensions and search for Solidity and click install. Once the extension is installed you can start coding solidity smart contracts.

To compile the contract click F5. If there are no error messages, you will get the success message as shown below:

If there is a compile error then the error is highlighted as shown below

Overall Visual Studio Code is a good editor for developing smart contracts for Ethereum.

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